Evoke Floral Stylist is a creative floral/private studio in Palmerston North.

The story of Evoke

The gift of floral's can evoke many feelings through fragrance, colour, forms, texture and sight.

My name is Fiona and I have had a passion for all things botanical and floral from a young age. Growing up pressing pansy and violas in between books, to later adhere to gift cards.and wrapping papers I've been dedicated to the industry for the last seventeen years. I trained in amenity and nursery horticulture, then moved into floriculture, eventually discovering floristry. Floral's fulfil my creative desires, and I hope to evoke that feeling of fulfilment for my clients.  

About me

I am in love with flowers. They add depth, meaning and beauty to spaces that not many other things can. I embrace the ever changing seasons, and the enchanting flora and botanical's they bring. It is never ending, which brings excitement to my slightly crazy yet innovative mind. Whether you're wanting to surprise a special person with my daily selection bouquet, planning an event, an editorial shoot, or just looking for special touches to your home environment, I would love to share my love of flowers with you.